Rozpoznasz piosenki Tiny Turner? Nawet wielbiciele mają problem z tym quizem!

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"You're simply the best / Better than all the rest / Better than anyone..." - ten fragment pochodzi z utworu:

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"I don't even wanna say goodbye, oh, no..." to słowa z piosenki:

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Natomiast wers: "You know that big wheel keep on turning..." usłyszymy w utworze:

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Czy wiesz z jakiego utworu pochodzi cytat "Radio blasting in the front seat / Turning out the music fine"?

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"You'll never know the days, the nights..." to fragment pochodzący z piosenki:

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W którym utworze usłyszymy natomiast słowa: "Twenty-five was the speed limit / Motorcycle not allowed in it..."?

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"Yes I know you keep telling me that you love me..." - to słowa z:

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"I want to make a million dollars / I want to live out by the sea..." - ten fragment pochodzi z piosenki:

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A czy wiesz z jakiego utworu Tiny Turner pochodzą słowa: "Someone to make your decisions / But I let you lead me astray"?

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"Through my frozen heart tonight / I hear your name in certain circles..." to natomiast wersy z utworu:

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A ten wers: "In this wilderness of danger and beauty / Lived three brothers bonded by love..." usłyszymy w kawałku:

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"I've seen you when your dreams were falling in the dust / But I never stopped believing in you.." to słowa z utworu:

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